P-Dot Stock

P-Dot Stock is an annual free music festival in the small town of Pottageville, Ontario. What started as a high school party has over 8 years morphed into an annual event with food, camping and of course local music. The event is put on by a number of locals headed by organizer Ryan Edwards, and takes place every July.

Since its beginning’s P-Dot Stock has slowly grown in size and numbers. Averaging well over a hundred local residents and music fans, P-Dot Stock has tried to maintain a D.I.Y. mentality and has managed to keep it running on donations instead of ticket sales. Headliners over the past few years (most of whom grew up in and around Pottageville, before heading to Toronto to better there music careers) have included Old James, Tongue and Groove, and the very well known The Schomberg Fair (the town of Schomberg is 5 minutes away).


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