Tour Life Pt. 2: Fatality

In 2013-2014 I jumped in the van with Toronto thrash-metal band Fatality. Over a handful of tours (some long and some short) I captured the everyday life of a band on the road.

Tour life is generally 33% work, 33% fun and 33% being homeless. This was my focus of this collection. Musicians and bands on tour are often stereotyped as moving parties. The reality is extremely different. The road is an incredibly lonely and tiring place. The constant movement from city to city is both liberating and depressing. You see snippets of life, and then move on.  Life is polarized between the ecstasy of live performance and lackluster days of endless driving or waiting around. Nobody looks too far ahead, the main focus is on the daily dilemmas of: Where are we going to stay? Where are going to park? And what time is load-in? The rare opportunity to sleep, relax or shower is cherished but never lasts long.

As a photographer my goal was to capture tour life for what it truly is. Nights of great fun on top of days of boredom, monotonous drives and extreme hard work. It takes great audacity and bravery to pack up your instruments and hit the road, praying you will make enough money to fill your belly and more importantly the gas tank.  Yet thousands of bands do this everyday. Moving from city to city, port to port like pirates of the road.




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